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The FELDENKRAIS METHOD is a gentle, cost-effective way to

  • reduce pain
  • reduce stress
  • increase well-being
  • increase flexibility
The FELDENKRAIS METHOD is a delightful process for self-improvement --physical, intellectual, emotional, and motivational.  Using guided sequences of novel (and sometimes amusing) movements, the Method focuses attention on learning, sensation, and awareness to create effective and sustainable action in the world.  Call today to explore your potential for limitless improvement!

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My aim is to make peace between the nervous system and gravity. -
Dr. M. Feldenkrais

Simon Edge, of London England, writes about the changes he experienced during and after one Awareness Through Movement class:
It does feel uncanny. Without consciously intending it our bodies seem to have learned to incorporate the back arch into the movement so that the rib cage lifts up as well as the hip.

I come away impressed... but also underwhelmed... The next day however, something interesting happens. Lately I’ve had a knee problem as a result of a running injury and walking can be an effort.

Out of the blue I find myself wondering if it will be easier on my knees if I use my inner thighs more and bring my hips forward a little. Sure enough a slight adjustment in those areas relieves the knee tension.  The following week I find myself tilting my pelvis forward when I walk and drawing my shoulders back to see what it’s like if I put more of a curve into my back. The low-level ache around the base of my spine melts away.

I can see why some people in Scott’s classes have been going for years. Apart from anything else thinking about how you move makes the humdrum business of getting from A to B far more interesting. I may well sign up for a full course of classes next term.
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A recent article in the Huffington Post about the Feldenkrais Method has caught the curiousity of many people.  Writer Michael Seligman attended a series of Awareness Through Movement classes and found he was"enjoying a greater overall sense of well being and connectedness".

His article, "Feldenkrais: Everything You 'Know' About Healing May Be Dead Wrong" outlines not only his experience, but also suggests that the Feldenkrais Method "turns many of our cherished ideas about fitness and healing on their heads".  Find out more by visiting:

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A new YouTube video about the FELDENKRAIS Method that has people talking, laughing, and really getting a sense of the Method. Baby Liv was beautifully video'd over a series of months; her development is interspersed with FELDENKRAIS ideas. Through watching, you can get a very real sense of how you can enjoy classes and individual sessions.

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Rob Black, (403) 680-2908,

Jennifer Herzog, (403) 686-4219

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Rob Black, Jennifer Herzog, and Ryan Hoffman are Guild Certified FELDENKRAIS Practitioners.